Hello friends! 

My names Mat, short for Mathew. I was born in England where my mums side of the family lives, but grew up in Washington state in the great Pacific Northwest! I now live in the small town of Ashford which is the last town before you visit Mt. Rainier National Park. Masonry has been my family business for over 5 generations where I was told we have "the Taylor eye". I took that special "eye" and focused it from making beautiful stone work to beautiful photography. 

I like to think of myself as a hybrid landscape photographer. Incorporating different artistic themes and designs that are naturally present while also adding outside elements to boost a certain effect, like glowsticks in tents at night. I can shoot anything a customer desires. I have experience in portrait, action, nature wedding photography. I started shooting with a Canon t5i and a lot of those pictures are still on here, but have now upgraded to, not necessarily the biggest but surely the best, Sony A7Rii. Not too many photographers will have one of these around their neck so if you need the best shots around and a photographer willing to go the extra mile or 20... look no further!


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